One week in Ireland

As every year two classes (4BH and 3AH) from the Holztechnikum Kuchl flew to Ireland to improve their English skills and learn more about the Irish culture. We started our trip on the 20th of April and went back home on the 27th of April. We flew from Munich to Dublin and took the bus from Dublin to Galway. In Galway, we stayed in host families (in pairs) for 6 days. The last night we slept in Dublin.
Day 1

On the first day we went to a whiskey distillery (Tullamore Dew) in Tullamore. In the distillery, a guide explained us how to produce a typical Irish whiskey. Afterwards we had lunch in the restaurant next to the distillery. Later we met our host families in Galway and they took us home for dinner.

Day 2

It was our first day in the Atlantic Language School. We were separated in small groups so that everybody had to speak English. After lunch, we had a guided walking tour through Galway. Our guide showed us the most important parts of Galway and explained the history of the city.

At night we went to a greyhound race where we were allowed to bet. We lost some money but it was a lot of fun.

Day 3

We were visiting the Cliffs of Moher. It took us around 2 hours to get there but it was worth it just to see the fantastic view.

Day 4

We went to Kylemore Abbey.

Day 5

It was Monday so we had to go to school again. After school, we had an outdoors Gaelic sports lesson. We separated in groups and played Gaelic football. After half an hour, it started raining so we had to stop and went back to our host families for dinner.

Day 6

Before we left Austria we got topics that we had to prepare in Ireland and present to our groups. So on this day we worked a lot on the topics and presented them at the end of the day. We all put a lot of effort into the projects and even some made a survey by asking random people on the street in Galway.

Day 7

We took the bus at 8:30 am and drove to Dublin. In Dublin we went to the Guinness Storehouse and visited the museum. After the storehouse we put our luggage in our rooms in the hostel. At night we all went to the cinemas and watched “The Fate of the Furious 8” and “Get Out”.

Day 8

In the morning, we left the hostel and walked to the city. There we had a shopping opportunity to buy gifts and food for our flight. At noon, we went to the airport and flew back to Munich. In Munich we took the bus to Kuchl. We were back in Kuchl at around 11p.m..


Benjamin Juriga and Maurice Niklos, 4BH