It was that time again…time to CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)!

CLIL expert, Helen Heaney held another valuable 2-day seminar here at HTK on 24 and 25 February 2016. Full with enthusiasm, we briefly reviewed the methodology and how to create CLIL tasks, as most of the 15 participants were no longer beginners but advanced CLIL followers. Helen also brought along new ideas for handling language issues in the CLIL classroom.
However, the focus of the seminar was working on our own CLIL lessons and then presenting them to the group – teachers teaching teachers. Useful feedback was given by Helen, as well as by the rest of the participating colleagues. This seminar was also a good time for teachers to share sources of information, knowledge of interactive websites and to discuss the challenges of preparing CLIL lessons. Time was fleeting with the intensive CLIL training – the breaks were sweetened with delicious cakes and easy laughter!

The next step in our CLIL endeavour is to schedule workshops for presenting existing CLIL lessons for feedback and trouble-shooting of problem areas. We look forward to seeing Helen in 2017 for her continued support on becoming competent CLIL teachers!

Let’s conquer the CLIL world!

Lisa Lienbacher,Franz König